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Leveraging deep experience in AI and enterprise software engineering, we deliver solutions to today’s most pressing problems around revenue generation, efficiency, intelligence gathering, and risk mitigation. Across sectors, our solutions are driving better, faster, clearer decisions. Expertise in computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), recommenders, federated learning, and more enable responsible machine learning programs that improve sustainability, the lives of people, and business outcomes for our customers.


We leverage a common platform for the operational deployment and integration of AI algorithms adapted to each client's enterprise systems and use cases to solve real-world problems.


Maximise revenue within your organisation through hyper-personalisation, dynamic pricing, deal-origination and trade execution models.


Transform operational efficiency, quality, and competitiveness through process automation and efficiency-driving ML solutions.


Derive insights for better decision making through solutions for sentiment analysis and scenario forecasting.


Mitigate and manage risk, detect fraud, and put responsibility at the heart of AI within your organisation.


Our streamlined approach is designed for maximum impact, delivering intelligence, revenue, efficiency, and risk management.

1. Discovery

Identify and prioritize AI use cases with the greatest impact for your business.

2. Co-develop

Dedicate resources to develop robust, deployment-ready AI solutions.

3. Deploy

Deploy and optimize the AI solution for your environment and processes.

4. Scale

Monetize the
solution for repeatable business value and growth.


NEURODATA™ is on a mission to bring The World’s AI to the Enterprise everywhere.

Productivity Increase Workforce Productivity

Use AI automated tools to increase productivity and speed time to value. Reduce repetitive tasks and enable better collaboration across teams. Use pre-built AI models to automate decision-making and dramatically reduce the time it takes to prepare and deploy AI models.

Profitability Drive Profitable Growth

With AI automation you can reduce costs, deliver new products and services faster and deliver innovative solutions. Using one integrated AI platform you have all the tools you need to deploy AI solutions with fixed and manageable costs.

Excellence Establish an AI Center Of Excellence

Continuous innovation leads to sustainable differentiation. Stay on the cutting edge and make AI a core competency within your enterprise. We offer the technology and AI expertise to make AI adoption easier. We provide the tools to help. You get started quickly and evolve your AI over time.

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